Consulting Services (non-regulated):

  • Expert Witness Analysis, Consulting, and Testimony in Financial Statement Fraud, Contract Fraud, ERISA Fraud, Valuation Fraud, Financial Malpractice, Ethics & Governance, Child Support and Matrimonial Asset/Income Valuation.
  • Certified Fraud Examination (areas above) and additionally in Asset and Business valuation, Income Testing for Child Support and Family Court litigation and Mediations, Supply Chain Diversion, disruption, and conflicts-of-interest.
  • Expert Witness Analysis, Consulting, and Testimony in Firearms Training (Law Enforcement, Private Security, Civilian, Sports, and Enthusiast markets; Additionally, Firearms and Safety, Operations, Usage, Maintenance and Storage, Carrying Concealed Weapons (methods), Use-of Force (FL), Possession, Gunsmithing, and componentry.

Private Investigation Services (Regulated FL Statutes: Sec. 493.6101(17),F.S.)

  • Evidence Gathering (to support CFE Activities above)
  • Other regulated Services as required, within the scope of Sec. 493.6101(17),F.S.

Private Investigation Services (Regulated FL Statutes: Sec.493.6202(8), F.S.

  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning
  • Bodyguard/ Personal Protection

Private Investigative Services (Contract Basis, Regulated Activity FL Statutes: Sec. 493.6203(6)(a) and (b), F.S.

  • Contract 40 Hour Training of CC Interns for other “A” Licensed Private Investigation Agencies.