About Fraud Examination Service

Fraud Examination Service was founded in 2023 by Geoffrey B Davis Jr. Mr. Davis has over 40 years of Law Enforcement, Criminal Investigation, Civil Enforcement, Fraud Examination, Due Diligence and Litigation experience (Criminal, Civil, at the Federal, State, County, and Local levels. He received his ACFE Board Certification Emeritus in 1992 (#17397). He has received additional training in Government Fraud, Healthcare Fraud, Financial Statement Fraud, and has trained many M&A analysts and principals,

Mr. Davis has appeared as a witness in a significant number of cases, trials, depositions, and arbitrations. He has been working on engagements as a consultant and expert witness since 2020. Mr. Davis typically works on cases as a Consulting Expert Witness in the following Areas: Financial Statement Fraud, Contract Fraud, ERISA Fraud, Valuation Fraud, Financial Malpractice, Ethics & Governance, Child Support and Matrimonial Asset/Income Valuation.

As a second area of Focus, Mr. Davis is an experienced practitioner, trainer, and coach in the Use of Firearms by Civilians, Security Officers, and Law Enforcement Officers. He is licensed as a Firearms Instructor in the State of Florida (K3100135) which includes “use of force” , a Security Officer Instructor (DI 3200082), an NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, NRA Training Counselor (Instructor Trainer), Chief Range Safety Officer, and Certified Coach (L2 Nat’l). Formerly he was a Police Instructor in NY DCJS, and Supervisor (CPL) in the Albany County Sheriff’s Office (NY).

Fraud Examination Service is licensed as a Private Investigation Agency in the State of Florida (FDACS Lic. # A 3300173). Mr. Davis has the following FDACS Licenses: C 3300210, K 3100135, G 3304355, DI 3200082.